Summer holidays are fast approaching, which means loads of time to hang out with your friends in the sun. Dig out those flip flops, grab your sun cream and get fully prepared for summer parties by finding out the facts about drugs from FRANK.

Whether you think you’ll take drugs or not, you should know the facts. FRANK has put together a guide to this year’s summer parties and festivals, to ensure your experience is one to remember – for the right reasons.

Leave the mixing to the DJ
Mixing more than one type of drug, including alcohol, on the same night increases your risks and makes the effects more unpredictable. Mixing alcohol and some drugs, like GBL (or liquid ecstasy) can cause a coma and death. There are risks whether you mix similar types (e.g. sedative/sedative or stimulant/stimulant) or different types (e.g. stimulant/depressant).Be wary of taking drinks from large open containers and punch bowls and ‘mine-sweeping’ (picking up and drinking) unattended drinks – you’ve no way of knowing how strong it is, or even what it is.

Keep your friends close

It’s a good idea to stick together with your mates at festivals. If you do take something, then tell your friends what you’ve taken – if something does go wrong then you’ll need their help.If someone starts to get stressed, take them somewhere quiet, try to calm them down and send for help if needed. 

Just because they’re legal doesn’t mean they’re safe
‘Legal highs’ contain a range of potentially dangerous chemicals, and their makeup changes all the time - so you can never be certain what you have bought, and what the effects might be.

Under pressure
Work out where you stand on issues like sex, drugs and alcohol. Knowing your own mind makes it easier to stay true to yourself. Don’t do anything you don’t want to do – your mates will respect you more for standing up for yourself.Remember most young people have not experimented with drugs or don’t want to experiment. You’re not alone!

In case of emergency…

If someone collapses call an ambulance immediately, turn them onto their side to avoid choking and stay with them until the ambulance arrives.Remember, you won't get into trouble with the authorities for having taken drugs – paramedics don't call the police unless there has been a fatality. Published 7th July 2014