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A Mexican plant with leaves containing psychoactive chemicals that produce hallucinations when chewed or smoked

Also called:

  • Eclipse
  • Holy sage
  • Mexican magic mint

Quick info

How the drug works varies from person to person

How you might feel
Mild hallucinations at low doses. High doses can bring on dramatic time distortions and frightening hallucinations.
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Effects on your body
Throat and lung irritation. Dizziness and nausea. Could trigger a psychotic episode if someone is already experiencing mental health problems.
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How long it takes to work
Instant if smoked. 5-10 minutes if chewed.
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How long the effects last
About 20 minutes if smoked and up to 2 hours if chewed.
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Common risks
You might do something that could put you at risk when under the influence. Not known to be addictive.
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Mixing drugs
Mixing drugs is always risky but some mixtures are more dangerous than others.
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