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smokin weed everyday for 10 years then hit rock bottom

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05th Apr 2012

For the last 10 years of my life ive smoked weed near enough everyday in several different ways, lik for instance joints,pipes, bongs, buckets, lungs u name it...ive never seen a problem with it cuz of the people i grew up with always did it and cuz of that it was always so easy to get me hands on it...and cuz i felt i could always deal with, for instance i did all my exams through school whilst on it and passed..obviously i coulda done better at them but because i passed everything i still didnt see a problem with it..for the first 5 years or so it was always resin/hash i smoked then the last few years it was weed and stronger strains which developed from that, it was only till recently that it started really messin my head up..i lost a great gf cuz of weed; not cuz she disaproved of me smokin it but because all my money was goin to fund my habit instead of maybe treatin her out the odd time the way she did to me, it was cuz of this that i realised i had a bad problem and needed to address it and cuz it made me lazy and snappy temper too and sometimes the other common effects lik paranoia etc but not so much the common effects, i guess i always told myself its only weed and that im not a heroin attic or a full on coke head or drinker or watever but weed simply can lead to ur personality and character being both destroyed and changed so much, ive been off it for jus over 2 weeks now and dont fink il touch it again cuz of the things ive missed out on lik my gf etc i found myself runnin about with so many different ppl jus so i could get a smoke or even so i could get the strongest strain possible about but now ive realised i wouldnt go near or socialse at all wit some of these ppl cuz they jus aint proper mates..weed jus makes u fink about things in far far too much detail then in turn that makes ya panic way too much about silly things...but to b fair i fink smokin weed in moderation is fine but only on the condition that it is only from time to time..dont get me wrong ive had some great times/laughs on the weed but cuz i was doin it everyday for so long i didnt even realise how much i had changed untill i hit rock bottom with it..all i can say to ppl whos heads are melted on it and wana stop but find it hard too is try ur best to get off it for a couple of days to start with, thats the hardest part then the rest is pchycological , smoke more cigs for a while or maybe have a few drinks especially if ya cant get too sleep at nite which was the problem and still is to be fair wit me...try and avoid the ppl u usually smoke it wit even jus for a few weeks,even tell them y ur avoiding them so they dont fink ur bein a prick, but most importantly do something wit urself the times u usually or really wana smoke it, i guess i started exercisin a lot which makes ya feel better naturally anyways, to b honest i hated doin that to start with but it tired me out and stopped me from bein bothered to go get some sometimes..even if ya dont lik strenuous exercise go for a big walk,cycle, swim anything to break ur old habits and also talk to someone bout it, for the first time i admitted i had a problem to someone close and told them everything id been at for years, they were upset obviously cuz they were close and caring towards me and were completely anti-drug probably due to their older age and blindness to modern day drugs in society especially with younger ppl but i felt such a weight of my shouders when i let it all out to them cuz i had never admitted my problem to anyone simply because it took me to hit rock bottom before i did...hope this helps people and remember to stay strong when u get to the stage of bein of it a couple of days cuz its so easy to go back on b honest it took me 2 or 3 attempts at it to overcome it so bare that in mind if it doesnt work first time!

Tags: cannabis experiences effects SIDE EFFECTS peer pressure Advice
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