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One drug leads to another

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19th Oct 2011

When I was thirteen I was never really fussed about drinking or drugs. I thought that people who were drinking and doing drugs in the local park were stupid. When I was fifteen my boyfriend pressured me into drinking. I felt awful and had to be sent home by the police. When that relationship ended I turned to drink to get over it. I felt that I deserved to feel bad all of the time. Eventually, I started enjoying to drink but it made me act in ways that I usually would not. But the humor of this wore off quickly and I needed a new fix. This lead me into taking cannabis. I enjoy taking cannabis. I have not yet had a bad experience with it. However, I'm beginning to feel that I need something better as the fun of the drug is wearing off.

I want to stop myself from doing drugs before it's too late. I want to get clean and turn my life around before I start taking harder drugs. I know there is help available, but I'm ashamed to ask for it. Drugs can and, more than likely, will ruin your life. You spend ridiculous amounts of money on the drugs and when you've taken them and had your fun you go back into wondering where the money for your next fix will come from. There are age limits on legal drugs for a reason. Illegal drugs are also illegal for a reason. Please do not let any form of drug, legal or illegal, take a hold on your life. They may seem fairly harmless but they're not.

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