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LSD Nightmare

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03rd Apr 2012

I have taken a lot of different drugs in my youth including LSD and magic mushrooms. Two years ago I went on a girls holiday and was offered an E. I thought 'oh well not done it for a while' and 'it will be my last time after all we are all girls having fun on holiday'. I WAS WRONG. What I took was two white pills that looked like ecstacy tabs, even had the M on the front. I double dropped to get a really high. ........ What I didn't realise was that these were not ecstacy tablets. They had E in them I think but they were mainly LSD. For the first two hours I felt weird and laughed at anything but when it hit me that I was tripping and not 'E' ing I panicked. I had decided years ago that I never wanted to do another trip because I was older and wiser and may not relax into it as much. The realisation hit me that I had been laughing uncontrollably for two hours and hadn't even realised it. i went to the bathroom and the tiles were al melting. The rug looked liked worms or maggots and then my bad trip really kicked in. I do not want to go into it too much but in the next 10-12 hours i thought I saw the devil and a witch. I wet myself while vomiting uncontrollably then locked myself in a drak room and curled up whimpering for hours. i was soooooo relieved when the effects started to wear off. I showered and tried to rid myself of the horrible nightmare I had just lived through. I couldn't eat or drink properly the next day and felt ill and nauseous for the next three days. I also felt very depressed. I was only on holiday for a week and had completely ruined on the first night. I have NEVER and will NEVER touch another drug again in my life. I'm a mum now and can't believe I was stupid enough to put myself through that. I don't speak to the friends i went away with. the stress of the experience ended a ten year friendship. I can truly say that i hope no one ever experiences what I did. I was not new to drugs nor was I one of these people who panicks about taking them. I had taken LSD many many times before along with various other drugs so I wasn't new to it people. This could happen to any of you. Please don't touch drugs they are dangerous beyond your understanding and the it won't happen to me theory is a load of rubbish!!!!!!

Tags: LSD experiences SIDE EFFECTS
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