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Cannabis can mess with your mind..

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12th Oct 2011

Last night was one of the worst nights of my life. I don’t like tobacco and I have smoked weed a few times in the past and quite enjoyed it- it was relaxing. I am by no means a regular smoker. So I decided to roll a joint that was packed with weed and had a little bit of tobacco in it when a friend gave me some weed. This was a bad mistake. I felt as if I wasn’t aware of time, I kept looking at the clock and it seemed like I had done a million things within the space of under a minute. I would keep getting up and walking to my lights and turn them on, then get into bed, then go and turn them off and get back into bed... id check the clock and then realise it hadn’t moved. I then panicked as I laid in bed and tried to figure out if I had even turned the lights on in the first place. I then snapped back into reality momentarily to actually tell myself I’m in a bad trip and I’ve smoked weed, so I should calm down… but next thing I know I’m doing something else. I check the time, its still the same. Am I going mad?! My heart was racing and I felt like I was going to have a heart attack, so I went and sat in the communal kitchen just in case I did. I realised I was being silly (and having a panic attack, which I’ve never had before in my life), so I went back into my room and the time hadn’t changed. I couldn’t think properly and time kept jumping all over the place, its as if I couldn’t think about what I was doing in relation to time. It’s very difficult to explain to someone and it was a truly terrifying experience that I wouldn’t wish upon anyone. Its now the evening after and I’m still feeling the effects, I’m paranoid and I cannot think straight, when usually I’m a very logical person. I really hope the effects wear off soon because it’s frightening. I know it’s all psychological, but this worries me more, frightened it will never go away. I’m not touching weed again and I’m going to have a fresh start to try and get back to normal. I’m writing this to warn you about how dangerous this drug is. I thought it was a myth that people told to stop you from smoking weed, but it is completely true- it can mess with your mind.

Tags: cannabis experiences Advice
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