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31st Dec 2011

Black Mamba was new on the scene and readily available from a shop that sold legal highs. We didnt know much about it and just shrugged it off as being 'tea bags' and not very strong. The first effects were after only 3 drags I sank into the back of my chair and felt completly paralysed. It felt like I was in another world, and everything wasnt happening. I was questioning my existance on earth and became very paranoid. The worst thing was I had the most outrageous urge to eat. I sat there and ate anything and everything. I was eating boxes of cereals untill my mouth was sore and dry. The only way I could make the effects stop was to go to sleep. The next day, although I wasnt under the influence, I still had the effects of schizophrenic paranoia. I was hearing voices, and I was so paranoid I couldnt stop crying. After smoking it constantly for about 2 months, my only escape was going away from town and not being able to get hold of it. After seeing my friends smoke it when I came back I thought to myself I never want to feel like that ever again. It is the most dirty, addictive smokable drug that was around at the time. I am glad it is now illegal because so many people I know have ended up in hospital through psychotic issues. Now I dont get any schizophrenic thoughts and am glad Im not in the hands of the 'devils weed'.

Tags: black mamba effects
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