You may have seen ‘Benzo Fury’ in the news this week but what is it and what effect can it have on you?

‘Benzo Fury’ is the brand name of a ‘legal high’ which commonly contains the chemical 6-APB.

6-APB is a mild stimulant and may act like amphetamines (such as speed) and like ecstasy. It can make you feel full of energy and experience colours and sounds more intensely.

On the flip side it can cause panic attacks and leave people feeling confused.

As with all ‘legal highs’ you can never be 100% sure that any ‘legal high’, no matter where you buy it from, is safe or is what it claims to be.  6-APB is often sold as ‘Benzo Fury’ which has been found to contain other ‘legal highs’ like 5-(2-aminopropyk) benzofuran and the now illegal Class B drug, D2PM.

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Last updated: 13th June 2012