The law on so-called legal highs changes on 26 May 2016. That’s when the 'New Psychoactive Substances Act' comes into force, making it illegal to supply any ‘legal highs’ for human consumption. The changes in the law mean it’s now an offence to sell or even give psychoactive substances to anyone for free, even to friends.

 Police will take action where they find people committing these offences. Punishments range from a prohibition notice, which is a formal warning, to 7 years in prison.

 The Act will also gives police and local authorities greater powers to tackle the trade in psychoactive substances, including stopping and searching people they think are supplying these drugs.Until now, there has have been some psychoactive substances that have been legal, hence the name ‘legal highs’. However, this name wasn’t helpful because there have been an increasing number of these drugs which have been made illegal in recent years after their harms were looked at.

Now that there’s a blanket ban on these substances, the term ‘legal highs’ isn’t relevant anymore, so we’ve changed the name of the FRANK legal highs page to new psychoactive substances, which is another widely-used term for these drugs.

 And the message about these drugs remains the same: you never know what you are getting; they can be incredibly harmful and sharing drugs with your friends means you are putting them at risk. 

Published: 24th May 2016