September 20th 2013: If you’re heading to university FRANK’s got some handy tips to keep the party on track.

Whether you’re a Fresher or have got a couple of terms under your belt, the first weeks of university are famous for being one big party. Its lots of fun but make sure it’s memorable…for the right reasons.

What’s right for you
You’ll be meeting lots of new people and making friendships that can last a lifetime.  It’s easy to get carried away when you’re in new situations so have a think now about what you might do if someone offers you drugs. Knowing your own mind makes it easier to make the right decision for you.

If you do decide that drugs aren’t for you, and most people do, then say ‘no’ clearly and firmly. People will respect you for being your own person. FRANK has lots of tips about what to do if you feel under the influence.

‘Legal highs’
They’ve been in the news a lot and may seem like a better alternative to Class As, but the reality is that they can be just as dangerous. ‘Legal highs’ are substances which are made to mimic the effects of substances like ecstasy and speed and so are likely to carry similar risks. Legal does not mean safe.

They are legal because they are still new and there is not enough research for a decision to be made about them….yet. More and more ‘legal highs’ are being tested and banned.

Emergency help
If someone collapses call an ambulance immediately or get a bouncer to call one. If you know the ‘recovery position’ turn them on their side to avoid them choking, taking any advice from the emergency operator. Stay with them until the ambulance arrives.

Remember you won't get in to trouble with the authorities for having taken drugs. Possession of drugs is an offence – not consumption. Paramedics wouldn’t normally call the police unless, for example, there had been a fatality.

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FRANK News Published: 20th September 2013