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AQUARIUS - Oxfordshire

About this service

We know that some children and young people suffer neglect because of familial substance misuse. Aquarius offers therapeutic support to children and young people aged from 11 to 19 years old who are affected by current familial substance misuse. When a child is under the age of 11 any intervention will only be delivered in partnership with a family support worker/health visitor.

It may be helpful for those children and young people who:

  • are anxious, stressed or worried
  • have difficulty managing their emotions and behaviour
  • are withdrawn or seem unhappy
  • demonstrate lower than expected academic progress
  • have difficulty forming or maintaining relationships

Our interventions aim to help children to:

  • express their thoughts and feelings
  • explore their anxieties and fears
  • learn to manage their behaviours and develop coping strategies
  • develop their resilience and confidence
  • find healthier ways to communicate
  • build healthier relationships within their family, school and peers

Young persons service catering for vulnerable groups and individuals from 11-19 (up to 25 where appropriate)

Referral (how to access this service)

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Opening times

Monday - Friday 9am-5pm

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What to do in an emergency

If you or someone else needs urgent help after taking drugs or drinking, call 999 for an ambulance. Tell the crew everything you know. It could save their life.

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