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Action on Addiction - Recovery Management Programme

About this service

The Recovery Management programme is designed to help you navigate the challenging journey of recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. It primarily supports people returning to London from treatment at Clouds House. From our consulting room in West London we provide a post-treatment aftercare plan to help you maintain your recovery. Depending on your individual needs, this will usually be a combination of group, individual and family work.

The Recovery Management programme helps keep you connected to your treatment experience and in touch with others in a similar position. Spending time talking to other people with a shared objective in a therapeutic setting will help you build what we call your 'recovery capital'.

We also offer pre-treatment meetings for individuals (and/or their family and friends) considering the option of a residential programme at Clouds House. We will explain clearly how our treatment programme works by exploring the timetable in detail and answering all your questions. We can provide you with practical advice as well as emotional support to help you make your decision.

Referral (how to access this service)

Call the Referrals Consultant on 07884 007 309 / 07792 063 282 or the Clouds House Referrals & Admissions Team on 01747 832070.

Catchment (areas they serve)



Wilbraham Place Practice, 9a Wilbraham Place, Chelsea, London, Greater London, SW1X 9AE
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Opening times

Every Tuesday we hold a Group Therapy session from 8.30-10am.

Between 10.30am and 1.30pm we offer one-to-one sessions. These are either pre-treatment consultations, individual counselling sessions or family meetings.

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