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Here you can say what you want, without having to say who you are. Whatever experiences you've had with drugs, it can help to get something off your chest. And you might end up helping someone else. Please read FRANK's disclaimer.

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Support near you

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This is a list of services in your local area, along with some national agencies you can contact no matter where you live. Some of the services listed below may not be available to everyone. They might be specific to a certain age group, or require a referral from GP or health professional.

We recommend you ring ahead first, to see if it's the most suitable choice.

Plympton St Maurice
Plymouth PL7 1JB
Phone: 01752 566 244

Closereach aims to meet the emotional, psychological and social needs of clients who have already completed a detox at Broadreach or elsewhere. Having undergone a radical change in focus recently, Closereach is now much more flexible in approach, offering a range of activities and skills to promote independent living.

At Closereach you will be part of a safe and secure community. You, along with the other residents, will share responsibility with the staff for the smooth running of the house and the maintenance of safety and trust within the group. The treatment programme is structured, consisting of group therapy, individual counselling and assignments. There are also workshops on specific topics, such as anger management and recovery maintenance. Your counsellor will work with you on developing plans for during and after treatment, which will meet your needs and help you attain your goals.

East Knoyle
Salisbury SP3 6BE
Phone: 01747 832 070

Clouds House offers safe therapeutic environment where you can begin to understand your own true potential and build a new life without drugs or alcohol. We offer a well-structured treatment programme for you to learn about yourself in relation to addiction, your vulnerability to relapse and how you can sustain recovery by working with the 12-step abstinence based philosophy.

There are many other optional activities and complementary therapies that are available to you to complement your treatment programme during your stay. Charges may apply for this service.

Jill Cunningham House
East Knoyle
Salisbury SP3 6BE
Phone: 01747 832 015

The Action on Addiction For Families service offers support groups for families, partners and friends of substance misusers, as well as counselling and a brief residential programme (the Family Programme) for friends and relatives. Currently the costs for Wiltshire support groups are covered by a grant, but please check this with us when applying.

Burnley Health and Wellbeing Hub
37-41 Westgate
Burnley BB11 1RY
Phone: 01254 495 382

CGL Inspire East Lancashire is a free and confidential drug and alcohol service for adults (including offenders), families, carers and affected others in Accrington and Burnley. Support is available both in project and in the community.

Our services include:
• A warm and friendly welcome
• Ongoing support with recovery journeys
• A service tailored to individual goals
• Prescribing services
• Detox from both Drugs and Alcohol
• Group work programmes
• 1:2:1 appointments
• Counselling
• Peer support
• A non-judgmental service
• Access to Employment and Education
• Access to housing support
• Referral to residential rehab
• Access to mutual aid
• Lots of recovery support opportunities such as sport and leisure within your local community

Larkswood Centre
Thorpe Coombe Hospital
714 Forest Road
Greater London
London E17 3HP
Phone: 0300 555 1241
Fax: 0844 493 0270

The community drug and alcohol team provides confidential drug and alcohol services for residents of Waltham Forest aged 18 and over. Our drug service is for people who are opiate dependent or dependant on other drugs with additional complex needs. Our alcohol service is for dependent drinkers or problem drinkers with complex needs. We work in partnership with other service providers across Waltham Forest to provide a wide range of care to those with substance misuse issues.

CDAT services include:
• advice and information
• assessment
• 1:1 key working and care planning
• a range of psycho-social interventions
• blood tests for HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C
• vaccination for Hepatitis B
• referral to inpatient detox
• community care assessments (for funding for residential rehabilitation)
• aftercare planning
• onward referral and access to a range of complementary services
• support to families and carers
• group work
• substitute prescribing
• GP Shared Care scheme
• wound care clinic
• needle exchange
• liver function testing
• community detox
• relapse prevention prescribing

Remember the people at these organisations are professionally trained and must keep everything you say confidential.

If you're having trouble finding the right type of help, you can always call FRANK on 0300 123 6600 and we can talk through your options.

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FRANK is not online right now. Please come back between 2pm - 6pm (UK) on any day of the week.