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Here you can say what you want, without having to say who you are. Whatever experiences you've had with drugs, it can help to get something off your chest. And you might end up helping someone else. Please read FRANK's disclaimer.

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This is a list of services in your local area, along with some national agencies you can contact no matter where you live. Some of the services listed below may not be available to everyone. They might be specific to a certain age group, or require a referral from GP or health professional.

We recommend you ring ahead first, to see if it's the most suitable choice.

Hackney ARK
Downs Park Road
Greater London
London E8 2FP
Phone: 020 7683 4611 - First Steps
Fax: 020 7014 7251

CAMHS is an NHS service for children, young people and their families, where there are concerns about emotional well-being, behaviour and mental health.

We know that talking about problems and worries can sometimes be difficult. CAMHS work involves listening, talking and thinking together, about what is going on and what might help. CAMHS staff teams are made up of different professionals who all recognise the importance of friendly and non-judgemental support.

First Steps service aims to help with difficulties relating to behaviour, emotions and relationships and try to tackle issues early on, before they become severe or too difficult to manage.

Specialist CAMHS work is mostly with children, young people and families where there are also family and community stressors: including educational difficulties, offending behaviours, abuse and neglect, trauma, attachment difficulties, parenting difficulties, self-harm and substance-misuse problems.

38-40 Bridge Street
Runcorn WA7 1BY
Phone: 020 3733 4195

Oasis Runcorn is offers two treatment programmes allowing for tailored treatment and client choice. A 12 step programme and Oasis Strengths programme are both delivered within the therapeutic environment. Oasis Runcorn provides primary and secondary treatment which consists of community process, process groups, therapeutic activities, one to one counselling, house meetings, workshops, groups and worksheets.

Family support and counselling can be delivered, if agreed by the client as part of their care plan. Oasis Recovery recognise the importance of family, friends and support networks in recovery. Family therapy and support is offered on an individual and group basis. Families can visit on Sundays which is arranged with the counselling team.

Oasis Recovery provides aftercare and access to recovery housing nationwide

2 Little George Street
St Judes
Bristol BS2 9EL
Phone: 0117 955 2821

The aim of the Detox Unit is to provide homeless people in Bristol with somewhere to come off drugs and alcohol prior to rehabilitation. All clients are expected to have a rehabilitation plan arranged prior to admission so that they go directly from detox to rehab.

A ten-day course of Subutex is provided for clients with heroin addiction, plus another four days recovery if required. An eight-day reducing course of Librium for alcoholics is also provided, plus recovery time if required. Detox for Benzodiazepines is not provided but a slow reduction on the preparation unit is allowed.

After the detox, clients will either go to the Salvation Army rehabilitation unit or to another unit of their choice.

20 Avonvale Road
Bristol BS5 9RL
Phone: 0117 904 4366
Fax: 0117 239 1214

An integrated and modified approach from within a structured safe abstinent environment offering intensive treatment and support through to resettlement with very low support levels. Drama, art, music groups, outings and events.

Blakes Lane
Hare Hatch
Reading RG10 9XR
Phone: 0118 940 4411
Fax: 0118 940 4852

The First-Stage Yeldall Manor programme provides residential rehabilitation for men aged between 18 and 65 who want to overcome serious drug or alcohol substance misuse issues.

The First-Stage programme lasts 12-24 weeks and, on completion of it, there is the opportunity to continue on to the second-stage programme as preparation for living independent lives drugs, alcohol and crime-free.

The First-Stage has two main objectives:
• to help residents understand and begin to deal with the problems which lie behind their addiction
• to help residents to develop the character qualities, relational skills, personal disciplines and work ethic upon which long-term abstinence can be built

Remember the people at these organisations are professionally trained and must keep everything you say confidential.

If you're having trouble finding the right type of help, you can always call FRANK on 0300 123 6600 and we can talk through your options.

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