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12th Apr 2012

Im 23 years old and begun smoking at 17, the want to be high became progressively more powerful. To the extent that I would rip a bong before work, spliff at lunch, bong as soon as I finished and continue smoking untill I fell asleep, and repeat. I took breaks here and there, never being able to actually reach my 3-5-10 day break target. My brother suffered a psychotic episode due to weed, but me being me (and you being you) will never believe it'd do any serious harm. I think the hardest thing to over come is "I've not been caught, I still perform in my responsibilities and it hasnt fried my brain...So why am I giving up?". Well, it's going to be unique for everyone so I can't and neither can FRANK tell you, but learning that there are a hell of alot of people out there that are in the same boat makes you realise your "unique" issues aren't so unique. In other words, your not alone I suppose. So why have I, a religious bong worshipper, given up? Marijuana affects alot of diferent things in your head, some things that are so subtle you hardly even noticed the change in your character, temper, logic and general attitude happen. But it is, believe me. I'm not here to scare you though, If your a child born after 1990 your going to know all about it's negative effects, and evidently it hasn't scared you out of doing it. I was respectable, working in insurance making good money. Enjoying the fruits of life when in the space of 4 hours I destroyed everything I hold dear to me. Ever get a little 'tetchy' or short tempered when you cant get any budd? Same. So on a particular evening I had some mates round and got drunk instead. Sounds fairly safe. However when it got to a certain point, something in my head "Snapped". Boom I was laughing like a lunatic, standing on my head and ultimately ran out the house. I wont share the gory details, but it resulted in me getting arrested and now i face a 4-year prison sentence. No I wasn't high, I had just over-done it, the lack of weed and copius alcohol did something to my brain that night that has never happened before. Anyone who knows me would say I'm incapable of acting in such a way. I would have said the same. The brain's an organ, and whilst we know how to remdy a stomach ache or remove a pancreus we know very little about the brain. As I said I can't scare you into giving up because giving up probably scares you, like it did for me. But it's too late for me. I had a path and career to follow, now the future is a terrifying unknown. Fourteen years of school, two years of college, four years of working up the business, six years of smoking cannabis, and I f****d everything in 4 hours. Give up, before your brain does on you.

Tags: cannabis Alcohol experiences effects
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