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Weed affects everyone differently

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12th Apr 2012

Whenever I got high/stoned, I never had a "bad" experience. I enjoyed it everytime I smoked it. Looking back this was the problem. At the time I couldn't realise how something that gave me no "down" or hangover the next day could make me so depressed. I found that the mind is such a powerful thing, I would start telling myself, convincing myself that other factors were the reason to me depression, e.g jobs, relationships etc. I would find that I wasn't communicating with people as much as I did, I deleted my FB account, I would turn off my phone, I would stop showing affection to my GF (sounds pathetic, I know). But now that I don't smoke I can see that the main reason behind the depression was the cannabis (not the short term affects, the long term). Giving up cannabis really wasn't hard, the only time I craved it was when I was drunk. The hard part about giving up is realising that you WANT to give it up. now that I no longer smoke, my mental health is much healthier. Why I became lonely and depressed on cannabis I don't know. I now know that I class my cannabis use as a "phase", a phase that I had some great times on, infact some of the best memories were on weed, but I am a much happier,healthier person now I don't smoke.

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