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10th Apr 2012

im 18 and have had an odd experience with drugs i used to smoke weed regularly and have tried Mkat on several occasions with weed ive never had a bad experience and would truly recommend trying it once to be honest, mkat was a bit different i very nice high but a seriously messed up crash where i felt sick i couldn't sleep everything was uncomfortable etc, but other than that i havent had really bad experiences however, both of my parents have been stoners since they were young and before i was born they tried and experimented probably everything under the sun after i was born however my mum decided it was time to calm down (she still smokes weed regularly but nothing like acid or MDMA anymore) but my dad didn't this led to my parents separating when i was young after then split my dad found it hard to cope he was without qualifications, a job place to live etc and found himself turning to other things, one night he took to what im aware of alot of cocaine and in the hype of his high got in a fight, lost control and ended up giving the guy brain damage which soon led to his death and then a 9 year prison sentence, after he got out he met my now current step mother and they hit it off shortly after (i dont really know the details of this but i know it happened somehow) they both became highly addicted to heroin, injecting and smoking day in, day out and living on the dole purely to keep there high this had repercussions on me i was only about 11-12 when this was going on so i never saw my dad there was missed birthdays, showing up to try and borrow money off my mum all kinds of crap but the worst bit is when my stepmum fell pregnant and gave birth to my sister, when my sister was two (seven years ago now) my dad lived in such a poorly looked after place my sister would go for half a day with no attention or food to the point on the rare occasions i did see my dad they were holed upstairs for hours on end while i looked after my sister but eventually social services got wind and took my sister away for four years my dad had to go through self rehab with a councillor it took two years for them to get off the daily habit and eventually be re-housed my dad found a job as a construction worker and my stepmum did her gcse's in night school at the age of 22 and this went on until about 3 years ago when they had finally been deemed worth of having there own daughter back since then they have both been clean (still smoke the odd bit of weed once in a while but nothing compared to how they used to be) and this was all fine and dandy until earlier last year when they wanted to try to have another child because of the drugs still partially in my stepmums system it made complications and caused her to have 8 miscarriages in a row, however they have finally made it late last year and my little brother is literally due any day now, so thats the happy ending i suppose everything has worked out well but when i spoke to my dad about it and how it all went downhill and going from weed to smack he just said "drugs are alot like music, you'll find something you like and enjoy and then a friend will recommend something and youl like that and occasionally youl find a really annoying song that you dont even like but stays in your head for days, and thats what it was like" so even with the happy ending and whatnot my dad severely messed up most of his life because of drugs. i still stick to my opinion of saying try whatever but if you find yourself liking it abit too much just quit while your ahead, some people will never experience anything even close to what happened to me and my family and have a great life even with the drug use and there are some people that will have it a million times worse, it just makes me think ( and i kinda hope it will make you think) that overall its more than likely not worth it at all. cheers for reading about my story :) i genuinely hope it can help people who just beggining to battle with addiction

Tags: heroin experiences Addiction Advice
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