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Tobacco - I won't take a drag

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30th Oct 2011

I don't have a health problem, nothing like that, but I can never ever smoke anything, not even a cigarette. All my friends smoke and I'm constantly offered things to smoke but I refuse to even have a drag. In primary school a drugs education expert came in to my class and spoke to my class. I suddenly became very aware of my parents' smoking habit and the harm it was doing to them. I ran home that day, found the jumbo duty-free box my parents had in the cupboard and hid it in to my room. What followed was a tearful argument with my dad and the loss of many weeks' pocket money, but it didn't matter, I thought, they couldn't smoke those cigarettes any more. From then on, I would give my parents some at the weekend or if they were going out. I was lucky, deep down they both wanted to stop smoking, and with their son distraught over their destructive habit they were ready. Slowly it reduced to once a week, occasionally, until eventually they stopped altogether. I did it. I had stopped my parents from shortening their lives any further. Was I ever tempted to smoke one myself? I'd be lying if I pretended I hadn't held an unlit cigarette to my lips and mimicked the action, but I knew I would never actually light it. Seeing the desperate addiction to a poison first hand made me realise just how ridiculous it is that smoking is a social thing, and considered cool. "Let's all smoke casually so that by the time we are 18 we won't be able to afford university tuition because we spend so much on cigarettes". It has become my ambition to be a social and likeable person without needing the accessory of a cigarette. I'll admit that sometimes I do feel isolated amongst a group of smokers, but I know that down the line those around me smoking will be dependent on a drug that they would discourage their children from getting involved in.

Tags: tobacco help Cutting Down
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