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21st Oct 2011

I've never been into drugs and smoking but being with my boyfriend, a heavy drinker, smoker and drugs taker, smoking and drinking became a normal thing to do with him. Alcohol and tobacco pretty much took over the both of our lives, relaxed us and calmed our nerves I was steeling gin from my parents drink cupboard to sit and drown myself with whenever we argued because it reminded me, and I used to go out on walks with my best friend and we'd sit and smoke 2-3 cigarettes. After school one day I was meeting my boyfriend in town and his friends were laughing at me, and pointing. His eyes were big and scary, this was something I'd never seen before so I got out quick, and when he told me it was weed that was doing it, I completely flipped. That was when I realized it's what he does, it's him. So adjusting to that, we carried on... 4 months later we were invited to several parties, where drink and heavy smoking was availible, I had a few swigs of his beer and a couple of drags of his cig, but apart from that I didn't have much. He whispered in my ear 'this would be more fun with weed' I ignored his hints and didn't want to be left alone with him.

The last party we went to I got drunk because he was spending the night with his ex girl who is absolutely gorgeous, I slipped past him and stole his tin of pre rolled fags and spent the night in the corner of the hostesses garden.. We spent the night trying to get back at each other, that night was attacked by a drunk boy and he didn't seem to be bothered. Behind my back he'd had two joints of weed and was high. He asked for sex and I said yes because I was so drunk, we were so close to doing it, and something hit me: I had to get out. I rung my step mum who picked me up from the party... As I was waiting for her, he came over and blew weed smoke in my face and hair. I'm glad I got out a couple of weeks after this. We split up and his addiction to tobacco, cannabis and alcohol has got worse.

I contacted TTF who are going help me get through this and hopefully help him get out of this rut. Wish you all using, or are effected by users good luck for getting out of it, it is easy when you have someone (ESPECIALLY FRANK) x

Tags: cannabis Alcohol tobacco peer pressure
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