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08th Apr 2012

Nicotine is a b****!!!! I started smoking at 18 and have smoked on and off (mainly on, roughly 10 a day) since then. One thing I WOULDN'T advise, from my past experience, is attempting to give up cigarettes whilst still smoking joints. At one stage a few years ago, for the period of about a year, (when I was with a dreadful ex) I smoked about 10 spliffs of hash a day. They were predominantly tobacco. I got to a stage where I thought I was craving a joint (hash) but in reality I was just craving nicotine. As long as you're putting nicotine into your body in whatever form, joint, rollie, etc... Well the craving will go on! After me and my ex broke up I still used hash but literally, straight away, went from about 10 to 1 a day, left to my own devices. I was smoking ciggies again by this point, which looking back confirms to me now that I wasn't addicted to the cannabis, just the nicotine. A few months after that I would only smoke a couple of drags of a joint very occasionally when I saw certain friends. By then 2 drags was all I could handle without feeling completely fried. Anyways, I'm 25 now and, once again, I'm trying to get off the evil weed. Well it's been two weeks without a single puff of anything (cig or joint) now, I'm using nicotine patches at the moment. Early days. And another word of warning- if you leave a strong nicotine patch on at night you may (I do) experience CRAZY vivid dreams. I had a terrible night of nightmares last week. So take 'em off before you go to bed, I'd say, unless you enjoy insane, awful vivid dreams or nightmares. Pretty much what I've heard LSD to be like- a great or a dreadful trip...

Tags: cannabis tobacco experiences effects
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