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My mum's birthday on ketamine

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12th Oct 2011

I know this sounds shallow, but yes I really did take K on my mum’s birthday. I started taking K at about age 13, I thought I was so cool, all my life I had hung around with older people, I didn’t get on with people my age because they weren’t as cool as the older lot. When my sister’s friends offered me my first line of K, I couldn’t refuse! After a year of taking K almost every night, I wasn’t the same person. Even my older sister had given up with drugs before she got addicted, but I couldn’t and I didn’t want to. When I was on K everything didn’t matter, school work that I hadn’t completed, family that barely knew who I was anymore, and more importantly the constant paranoia, and headache when I wasn’t on it. About a year and 4 months went by and my life was at its worse point ever. I didn’t get up in the morning, I gave up on school, and not even my family could try and talk me round. One morning I got up went to get my fix and came home; it was my mum’s birthday. In my heart I wanted to be able to give her a present and a hug, but my head was telling me to go upstairs and take my K, so I did. The next I can remember is being dragged downstairs by my sister and made to sit and watch my mum open her presents, as I looked at the TV it grew legs and begin dancing around the room, I looked at the walls and they were melting, the sofa I was sat on felt like it was floating. I began screaming, too scared to move in case I fell off the floating sofa. Next thing I can remember is my sister shouting in my face trying to bring me out of my K-hole, as my mum and sister carried me up the stairs to my bed I begged them not to leave me on my own as I was so scared of dying! My heart felt like it was going to stop dead any minute! I wanted to stand up and shake myself out of this K-hole, but my body just would not let me. It’s been 4 months since I took anything, and I could not be happier, I’m a new person and have my set of friends and my family and me have never been closer.

Tags: Ketamine Addiction
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