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My bad psychedelic trip

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24th Mar 2012

I have seen alot of talk on FRANK about bad trips in the "why not sections", but thave found no descriptions of bad trips to accompany them, so i have decided to include my own. My first trip was a bad one (showing it is possible), but i was in a graveyard at the time so don't expect the same results if tucked up in bed! Me and my friends had been blazing all night before hand, and had come to this grave yard as a last port of call before we went home. Earlier my friends had been taking a fast acting smokable psychedelic, which is not included on this site, but is similar to magic mushrooms & LSD i would imagine, but is instantaneous, but only lasts 15/20 minutes. whilst some of our people were leaving and i was saying good bye, my two friends seated at a bench in the grave yard rolled a spliff we smoked between the three of us whilst in the process of saying goodbye to them. little to my knoledge my friends had decided to crumble some in for their enjoyment. The way that i can describe this psychedelic as taking effect is by waves, with the trip happening in these little waves that get steadily bigger or are just huge until they go (depending on the dosage, i was the former). My first wave came when the group i was saying goodbye to left, and i was facing my friends at the bench. It was incredible, my clothes literaly felt as if they were made of liquid sunshine, and i stood there rubbing my coat against me. My second wave however was more intense and threatening as ther various moss and brachen arranged themselves into very threatening faces. This intensified and i actualy began to see little heads poking out from behind the graves themselves. My next wave caused me to see the graves arranged as a bottom jaw that was very threatening, as i expected for the top of the jaw to snap shut soon. My next wave began to mould into this one, and i saw skin hanging from the trees around us. by this time i was very scared, and near unable to understand what was happening, so sat next to my friends on the arm of the bench for comfort, but my friends thought i was exagerating, and one of them began to play wierd music to trip me out. i collapsed into my closest freinds lap for safety as the music began to distort, i closed my eyes and wanted that shit to stop! But then i had my most vivid hellucination, as with my eyes closed i saw a brilliant flash of white, in the center of which was an octopus that had gem eyes encrusted with blood where they had been hammered in. I screamed for them to stop and they did, noticing the seriousness of what was happening. i then sat bolt upright as i saw it behind me running between the graves. i then crouched into my friends laps' scared as hell, and saw it next to a tree in the distance beckoning me. Then the lights in the distance warped into a robot style face, but this was less intense as they had began to comfort me, which realy did help. We concluded it was time we left for home, but i still experienced some "after shocks" on the walk back, such as a skeleton crouching in a wall, and man in a pig mask that screamed at me from down the road, yet as i was with comforting people i felt reasonably safe. The way i can best describe it is that you see nothing new, just that you see it diifferently and process it differently, yet have no controll of this. This can be great, like seeing castles in the sky that shine and revolve, but you can see the other extreme e.g. octopus daemon. Despite this i am still open minded about psychedelics, yet i will refrain from taking them in in enviroments that will enduce bad thoughts, and will take them whem i choose to. (p.s. my friends were very sorry and have since heartily apologised :D )

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