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Methoxetamine so addictive

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22nd Mar 2012

I live a fairly regular life now. I don't have a job but have hobbies, a house, car and a baby. I used to be addicted to ketamine ine uni but overcame it. I heard from a close friend that MXE was available on the internet. After my pregnancy when I had finished breast feeding I decided to give it a go as my partner and his brother and his partner, who we are close friends with were all you using. At first I found it boring and I still do now but 7 months later I cannot stop using it. I take line after line and have used everyday for pretty much 7 months. I don't want to do it and it makes me hugely depressed and anxious but it seems to have some kind of grip on me. My close friends are even worse and I sart to feel their child is suffering. They are fantastic loving parents but have started staying indoors all the time. They spend all their money on MX. I really don't want to ruin my life or my little mans. The addictive quality to this drug is very high I have used MDMA, Speed, Cannibis, Codeine, Mephedrone, Coke and Ketamine. Close to K are the only things I have found so addictive. I realise the problem is with me and not the drug but what I would say to anyone reading this (and not for fear of sounding like that woman on The Simpsons!) : think of the children. My life was almost ruined by terrible parents. Don't let this happen again. Drugs steal and ruin lives. My brother started taking weed at 13 and it spiralled. He is now 23 living in a hostel after being arrested for attacking my mother who he abused for years. He sold everything he owned stole my mothers perscription co-codamols and became addicted to them. He is no longer my brother he is a schizophrenic and multiple personalty mess. Go out take some photos, ring that friend, write that poem in your head or go and see that new film but don't take that next line. The world owes you nothing and enjoy the little things in life

Tags: legal highs Addiction SIDE EFFECTS
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