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Mephedrone quickly stopped being just a laugh

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12th Oct 2011

I tried mephedrone for the first time last year around October. I first thought it was a one off, just a laugh. See what all the fuss was about. I didn’t think it could be to bad seeing as it was a legal drug. Though it quickly became I was taking it every weekend. I steadily starting increasing the amount I was taking because my tolerance increased. Until I was snorting half gram lines.

One night I took 4 grams and my heart was beating so quickly, I was very paranoid and everything started feeling spaced out. My head ached and my friends urged me to drink some water because I was so dehydrated, yet I was frightened to drink too much and die. I was finding it hard to breathe, yet I carried on snorting more lines. After 19 hours with no sleep, I had a huge comedown and everything seemed horrible, I slept all day.

The comedown lasted for about 24 hours, I felt so depressed, and couldn’t imagine life without the drug. After that night I haven’t taken the drug for over 3 months now, and I never want to take it again. I still get huge paranoia at times, and the shakes. I now wished I never took meph in the first place, it quickly stopped just being a ‘laugh.’

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