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Mephedrone is a horrible drug

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12th Oct 2011

Just been through the worst week of my life. I went out on a Saturday night out and I took mephedrone and coke and also mixed this with alcohol, the following day the comedown was horrific. I felt so ill but didn’t think it would last no more than a day. I was so wrong, in total I was sick for 5 days, I had panic attacks I couldn’t breathe properly, my arms and legs had pins and needles, really bad headaches, lack of appetite, I thought I was going to die. I spoke to Frank and they were so helpful, gave me tips on how to get over this. I went on the internet to do some research and there isn’t much info on there which was quite annoying, I didn’t know if I was going to get better. I eventually did and I have sure learned my lesson mephedrone is a horrible drug with lots of side effects and if one person reads this and it prevents them from taking it then I will be happy because I wouldn’t wish how ill it made me on anybody.

Tags: m-cat Alcohol experiences
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