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Mephedrone Has Damaged My Mind

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17th Oct 2011

In February 2011 i took mephedrone for the first time. I had smoked cannabis regularly for just over a year before i took mephedrone, and had had the occasional pill/mdma, so i was no stranger to drugs. I bought it for the weekend but after my plans failed i ended up taking it on my own in my room instead. I felt great to say the least, and did half a gram that night, then half a gram the next night. I went to work on monday, and by the end of the day i was craving another line, but i didnt let it get to me too much. By the time i finished work on friday i was already on the phone to my dealer asking for another gram, but it was also payday, so i got 3 grams for the weekend. I went through the whole 3 grams in one night, again, on my own. It was amazing, it took me about an hour and a half to snort it all and i was high until about 4am, and strangely enough i loved the comedown,which lasted until 10am. The effects of mcat were clear to me after that night, because i had sent over 300 texts throughout the night, i was incredibly chatty, and for about an hour of my peak high, i had actually blacked out because i was listening to a playlist of music, and can't remember half of the songs playing.

The next two days i found it hard to breathe when walking up even the smallest slopes, and my nose got quite crusty, which did not look nice at all. My cravings for the drug were about x10 stronger than they were the previous few days, and the week after my 3gram night were worse. In that week i was buying 3-5grams a day as my tolerance was getting tougher, and only got about 3 hours sleep a night. I didnt care about the money i was spending, which was around £60 a day. I only had one meal a day, and no one really noticed what was going on until i told them, which was great. After that week i still wanted mephedrone in my life, but realised my budget was getting thin, so i didnt buy it until payday unless i was going out to a party etc.and i didnt buy as much. As soon as payday came i thought i would buy 10grams in one go, which saved me £40. My dealer didnt have the whole 10grams on him at the time, so he gave me the 7grams he had and the 3grams in the next two days, which fairly pissed me off. I went home with the 7 and thought i'd take 3grams since i hadn't had it in a while. The same thing happened again, i did SEVEN grams in one night, which seriously f*cked me up, and this time the comedown lasted the whole next day, and when i got my 3grams later in the day i took that as soon as i got home, while i was still coming down. I was starting to randomly hallucinate for about 10 seconds, then everything was normally again, this kept happening the whole night.

3 months on and i havent touched that drug since. Annoyingly i still crave it, and i get nose burns (when randomly i get a bad nip in my nostril for about a minute) and i get randomly light headed, often. But the worst thing,which affects me several times a day, is short term memory loss - As in someone will tell me/tell me to do something, and a minute later i will have completely forgot what it was. An example is, i remember going to work on my day off, and when i got there, i was stood infront of my manager, totally embarassed because i didnt know what i was there for. I now understand why it is a 'club drug' illegal drug and not a 'take regularly' legal medicine. Having shared my bad experience with the drug, i wouldn't say don't try it once, when with friends perhaps, because it is good to have fun and be high with people.. But as soon as you buy some without plans to take it when your out, stop. Thanks for reading:)

Tags: m-cat Addiction SIDE EFFECTS
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