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Mephedrone Comedown

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12th Oct 2011

I smoked weed quite a lot, its because I got into the wrong crowed and started it.

I really did enjoy smoking weed but it began to get boring. Me and my mates ended up smoking it because we needed a joint not because we wanted to get high. Then our mate asked us “have you ever heard of dolly (mephedrone)?”None of us had, so he explained it to us, it sounded so fun and exciting, but I was also really scared. Im the only girl in my group, and im the only girl we know who does drugs, and I find them really scary sometimes.

The friend who could get hold of dolly ended up getting us all some, and we decided we were going to do it. The night we did it was possibly the most amazing night ever! I had such a good evening. The feeling of being buzzing on dolly is a really hard feeling to describe. My boyfriend comes out with me every time I have done it, and every time he kisses me or anything its possibly the greatest feeling in the world. Your love for everyone around you triples and their love for you does as well. You have the most energy ever, and when you run it feels like your flying. If you do a lot of dolly in one go it will all hit you, you can feel your eyes getting wider and wider, and your heart goes crazy! You become boiling hot, and you couldn’t stand still even if you wanted to. You constantly have to chew a chewing gum because you jaw locks and unlocks itself. And you always need a drink because the drip tastes horrible.

After you have done dolly it feels really hard to remember parts of your evening. Also you will not be able to sleep at all throughout the night, and you will have the worst come down ever! You feel like your face has been stamped on, everything feels like its so much energy, but laying around doing nothing feels horrible too. Watching telly is pretty much impossible because you can’t concentrate and in the end it becomes an annoying noise in the background, you can’t listen to music because everything is horrible to listen to. You have to lay there pretty much for a solid day, possibly two depending on how pure the dolly is, and do nothing, feel terrible.

With my past experience I would say that dolly is a very good drug when you’re doing it, but with its risks and the come down it isn’t worth doing, but its becoming more and more popular each day. I personally think dolly is the worst drug since cocaine or heroine.

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