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Long term weed smoker

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03rd Apr 2012

OK so I am on this website as I have just stopped smoking weed and would like it if my story helps anyone. I am 30 years old and been smoking weed since the age of 13 so 17 years of my life I have been stoned. I always said that it doesn't harm you. If you have only smoked it for 5 years or so I would say stop now because the longer you smoke it the more it takes over your life. I got to a stage where I would smoke it before work, on breaks and lunch and all night and my life became so clouded before I knew it I hit 30 years old and wondered what the fuck have I done with my life. I look back and can't remember much and wish I never got hooked on this drug. Yes it is nice but not worth wasting your life. And don't be foolish to think it doesn't have risks. Smoking is bad habbit and smoking weed in a spliff with tobacco is not heathy! very very bad for you. Life is too short so don't let weed take over. The longer you smoke it the harder it will be to stop and I have just been through hell trying to stop and nearly lost everything with my mood swings over this. So if you are young and want advice then I would say stop. The sooner the better. There is more to life than getting stoned and also it is so expensive now compared to a few years ago why would you waste your money on this? It is more expensive than gold !!! and its just f*****g your life and heath up! Trust me when I say if I can stop then anyone can. Weed was my life for so long and now I see how much better life can be without it. Hope this helps and if you want to stop you can do it!

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