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K Hole experience

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06th Apr 2012

It was my birthday night so we were all out celebrating. We went back to my friends house and he had quite a bit of ketamine on him. He offered me as much as I wanted seeing as it was my birthday. I did one small line and in less than 5 minutes I felt a surge of weird energy wash over me. I immediately felt like it didnt feel right, and thought to myself that I was going to have a bad trip (a K hole). All I could hear was static noise which became louder when someone spoke. I wasnt capable of talking or understanding what anyone else was saying to me, and I felt like I was in a dream. I couldnt feel anything either, I was completely numb. Everything felt so surreal, it felt like I wasnt there. People kept trying to talk to me but I couldnt understand them. I honestly thought I was going to die, and thought to myself that I didnt care if I lived or died, Id rather be dead than be in this awful trip. I sort of accepted the fact that I was going to die and just lay on the ground for a while. I think some people started to get a bit worried about me and tried to get me to stand up and come outside, but I physically couldnt move. Somehow I managed to drag myself outside where my boyfriend was trying to look after me and I started vomiting...a lot. My boyfriend kept trying to get me to stand up but I felt like I just couldnt. Eventually I did manage to stand up, and I did actually feel a lot better. The only thing I could do after that was ride it out, and try and sleep. It was the worst drug experience of my life, I honestly thought I was going to die and I just accepted it. My advice to anyone planning on taking ketamine is to be careful how much you take, because the tiniest bit too much and youll end up in a K hole. Also if you do find yourself in a K hole, keep your head down and close your eyes or try and stand up, it will make you feel better!

Tags: Ketamine experiences SIDE EFFECTS
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