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I realised how my ketamine use was affecting others

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12th Oct 2011

Now I’m off ketamine, I can see how clearly it was a burden to my life. I first started to try drugs because it split up me and my boyfriend, and I figured, hey, it must be really good to split up a 2 year relationship, so, ket was the first drug I came into contact with. I liked the down feeling it had, it just pushed out all your troubles, sometimes you didn’t even know you existed. It got to the point where I would be doing it every week, not realising my changing personality, what it was doing to me and why I was really doing it. A lot of my friends could see, and advised me to stop over and over, but I never listened. Soon after, I got myself a new boyfriend, we’ve been together 8 months and are perfectly happy. One day I was supposed to meet him after work, we’d only been going out a while, but we were in a serious close relationship. My friend offered me a line of k, and I thought ‘why not, free drugs’. The effect was greater than I thought, and I know how stupid you become when under the influence of ketamine. Seeing his face after I came out, how disappointed and devastated he was, it hit me how much it was affecting others around me. When you see someone you love that affected, you know you have to stop. It was quite hard, but I’ve been clean for 6 months now, and looking back I know there are so much greater things in life, real things. When you’re on drugs you never really think why you do it, but now I notice, I was trying to fill a space. My friends who did it were also trying to fill a space, but you just need to open your eyes. Many of my friends have been hospitalised due to drugs, one is a psychiatric ward, and another has a permanent criminal record. It’s the dark side of life and I don’t wish to visit it again.

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