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I felt cool and part of the crowd

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12th Oct 2011

When you are young you’re determined you will never smoke, take drugs or even drink excessively. At the age of twelve I started smoking cigarettes (I am now 16), that was only because most kids in my year was trying it out and I didn’t want to be seen as an outcast or different. When I was in junior school I was bullied for two years and no one really took any notice in me but when I started high school everything changed, all these people wanted to be my friend, I think this was only because they knew my brother and sister were really popular and well known, that they thought if they hanged about with me they would be able to hang about with them which I guess kind of worked. At the age of 13 I was offered some joint off my brother and I was determined to decline it but he was with his mates and I didn’t want to look like some stupid kid so I took the joint off him and started smoking it at some point I couldn’t stop and my brother had to personally take the joint from between my fingers, I could feel the buzz but at the same time felt dizzy. He then asked me if he could do the fire mans whistle, and at first his mate warned me that it was harsh but hey who cared, I was buzzing and just wanted more so he blew this smoke into my mouth and I was inhaling it all he pulled away and I felt a hot rush shoot through my body. I went upstairs into the bathroom and sat on the toilet lid and I felt really dizzy, after a while I started being sick and I was sweating from head to toe. After that day I was determined I would never smoke it again. A year past and I turned 14, I was now smoking bud regularly with my brother and his mates. I felt cool and part of the crowd and I started drinking excessive amounts (by the way at this point I am now living with my brother) of alcohol along with my brother’s girlfriend. I was classed as being her drinking partner. I didn’t feel too bad smoking cigarettes and bud and drinking but then one day my brother and his girlfriend bought something called Base, (I am guessing it’s a stronger form of amphetamines), they said it was really good stuff and I would enjoy it, they took it out the freezer and it looked like putty or play dough they cut it up and wrapped it up in a rizla (this is called a bomb) they passed it to me and I was really nervous at first, my brother and his girlfriend had already taken theirs. I actually thought that if I took it I would die or something but they promised me I would be ok so I placed the bomb as far back as I could and swallowed it down with water, the taste was vile and the smell was worse it smelled like cat wee. I was sat in the front room with my brother and his girlfriend and I couldn’t feel no buzz, they kept asking me whether I could feel it kicking in then my brother made me a cup of coffee with loads of sugars and all of a sudden my feet started bouncing my face felt numb I had pins and needles and this huge heat rush was shooting all over my body. To be honest the feeling felt really good and then my brother and his girlfriends’ bomb started kicking in and we were sat up all night talking about our lives. By the morning I still didn’t feel tired and I wasn’t even on a comedown, but as the afternoon dragged on and evening arrived I could start to feel the effects of the comedown, my brother and his girlfriend went to bed and I was left downstairs alone, and at one point I started tripping and I thought I could see people popping up from behind the banister on the stairs, so I decided to close my eyes and force myself to sleep and in the end it worked. Then the next day my mouth was sore as I had chewed at the inside of my mouth and my tongue.

Tags: cannabis Speed peer pressure
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