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26th Nov 2011

SWIM took this "drug" and the effects that followed were insane. It was a cold day and I had nothing else to do, I just finished smoking my Bifta so was already feeling slightly out of the norm, then I thought to myself I might give salvia ago, this was a mistake! I had x120 strawberry and didn't even know what the effects were or how long they lasted. I smoked a bit through my glass bong and oh my god what happened next was just mental. From the moment I tasted the flavor (which does not taste anything like strawberry) I had begun the "trip" The walls were melting, posters that I had on my wall started to become real or so I thought and they began to walk towards me, I felt like a prisoner in my room. I closed my eyes and when I next opened them I was down in my kitchen I had no idea how I got there, I looked up and there was an army of people from my posters and toys heading towards me, led by Mickey Mouse I felt so scared and there was nowhere for me to go. They got closer and closer, and then began to jump onto me, I fell on the floor and was being tortured by cartoon characters I thought I was going to die. I pushed them off and got up and began to run upstairs, I didn't want to look back as I knew they would be following me. I thought my only option was to get out of the house and I knew I couldn't use the door, so I opened a window on my middle floor and all I can remember is shouting flame on and then attempting to fly, all I know is once I had woke up, I was in hospital and had 2 broken legs a broken arm and a few fractured ribs, the doctor asked me what had happened and I knew I couldn't tell him, so I lied and said I got pushed out the window by my friend. Police were called by my parents and to this day I have never touched salvia on my own. I don't know whether it was because I had a Bifta and then choose to do salvia as well or if the drug is just bad on its own but I have never experienced anything like that in my life.

Tags: legal highs experiences SIDE EFFECTS
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