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Happy Tiger Spice (K2)

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04th Apr 2012

Spice is something I would recommend that nobody ever tries. I'm 14, and I started smoking weed at 13. Spice is sometimes like a weed high, admittedly, but it is not worth the risk. My first and only bad experience with K2 happened right after my birthday. I had tons of money, so I bought myself a nice bong. After about a month of waiting, it came in the mail. My friend and I were so ecstatic, considering we were already stoned (off weed.) It was then about 3 or 4 in the afternoon. We smoked all of the weed we had left which was very very little. All of my dealers were dry, so I tried this other kid that I knew could give me spice. I had already tried spice before and had smoked at least a gram to myself, so I was confident that I wasn't going to get one of these bad trips all my friends told me about. So I give the guy the money and look at the spice. He had ripped me off by a ton, but there was enough for a bowl pack. I put all of it in and take one hit of it all. At this point im standing next to my desk. I turn to my friend and simply say, "I feel like I'm dying." What I had felt was indescribable, probably a mix of nausea and maximum confusion. The last thing that I fully remember before the trip began was sitting down at my desk, maybe 10 seconds after I took the hit. The buddy that I was with later told me that it began with me just going blank, blacking out, and slamming my face on my desk as I did so. The small bits of things I remember from that point on are enough to remind me how terrible it was. Apparently I started bawling my eyes out, screaming, and throwing up uncontrollably everywhere, and I wasn't even aware of this. The next thing I remember is trying to grasp the edge of my desk, screaming, and I thought I was being sucked into the ground to be killed. My memory of this lasted for about 3 seconds. The next thing I remember is being on the floor, crawling from something. Then just blackness. The last part is the most frightening, and vivid in my memory. All I saw was 3 or 4 normal colors like red, blue, and yellow, swirling together and mixing around like thick liquids, but in a circular pattern. So essentially I'm laying on the floor unconscious in my throw up, imagining basically a color wheel that was slowly spinning and blending together. Unfortunately, that wasn't all there was to it. All I heard were extremely unusual groaning noises. Not like sex groaning, pain groaning. Thousands of different groans from different, I don't know, people almost. Every time I heard a certain pitch or maybe it was every few seconds, I thought I was being stabbed and murdered, but I was still fully conscious of every feeling I was having. Beyond that point I was pretty much fine. My mom showed up cause my friend had gotten really scared and called her. I stayed passed out till about 8, and I remember being woken up a few times, but that's it. So that's my bad spice trip story! DON'T DO SPICE!

Tags: black mamba SPICE experiences effects SIDE EFFECTS
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