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18th Oct 2011

So I was having a night out , and was with a big group of people , we've all been doing drugs for about 6 months now and never 'tripped out' or had bad experiences. I was 14 , and we decided to buy the illegal drug methadrone ( plantfeed) but we also decided to snort 4 lines of different but legal drugs , and smoke a joint consisting of weed. I'd heard story's of not mixing drugs but I was so naive , I thought this legal stuff would be safe. But it wasn't. We'd done it all in just under and hour and we were walking through a park in York and all of a sudden my eyesight went pixelated , and I started to panic , then I had a blackout , still stood there everything on the inside was shaking , at that point I thought 'crap, I've overdosed and this is gonna be the end of me ' my friends rushed over to me and sat me down after about 15 minutes of panicking I opened my eyes only to see everythings was just wrong. Houses looked like they were floating and the people walking past were terrifying , I thought I was hallucinating. Everythin I could see , wasn't there , we were on a park , and I was seeing things. But I knew I couldn't call an ambulance , or make any emergency moves because my mum would find out. So I was sat there , for 5 hours or more waiting for these effects to die off. It wasn't a pleasant experience at all , it also made me so emotional and I couldn't stop crying. The moral to this is to never mess with drugs , even if they're 'legal' it doesn't make them safe or minimise risks.

Tags: m-cat legal highs experiences
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