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Drugs destroyed my family and lost me good friends

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24th Oct 2011

I didnt start smoking weed until college but as soon as i did i found i didnt make lessons and couldnt be bothered and then when it came to grades i left with basicly nothing. I then went on to ruining my family life by stealing from my own family to pay for my habbit, when i left home to stay with a good freind i started taking mdma to stop the feeling of crushing depression that i felt and i thought it worked for a wile but me and my freind became addicted and felt as if it was our only source of happiness once again selling everything we had to afford to buy it. The next step was to try acid after we got told about it this took us further and further down until one day i found that during my trip i had an epiphany of what i was doing, i was sitting in some filthy house with people that i barely knew, i had lost all my closest freinds i had lost people that ill never be able to see again and i nearly lost my girlfreind. it made me think what are you doing with your life you have no job no college grades and no family left and i felt like commiting suicide.

However i thought of the good things in my life my beautiful girlfreind who i could spend this drug money on taking out istead. My parents who just wanted me to quit drugs and help me find a job, my dad had even spent thousands of his savings to build a gym in the back garden to let me train with him in to build back a relationship.

So in the end can see its my family that will help pull me through this and the advice of other good people that will help me in the long run not drugs.

Tags: LSD Cutting Down
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