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drugs can ruin you

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11th Apr 2012

When I was 17 I tried my first ever drug, cocaine. I was at a party with mates an it just seemed right at the time, and there was no getting away from how good the high was. This quickly got out of control an turned into a near weekly thing. I was taken it near every weekend for about 6 months to the fun of it ran out and I started looking for a new drug to try. This is when I found speed, the come downs and lack of sleep soon turned me away from it. I was clean for a while until mephadrone (meow, meth) came about, these were the darkest days of my life. I was like most other people I think under the illusion that it was safe cause it was legal. I was taken it every weekend for nearly 2 years. I lost my job and a lot of close friends and family over meth. It became such a big part of me and I was also taken E's at the time to. I would be going out on a friday night and maby not coming home until a monday morn and this would happen nearly every weekend. I was a wreck mentally, I was parinoid all the time and never had the energy to do anything during the week. The come downs were dreadful and i said every week never again but i just couldnt help myself. Iv been clean now nearly 2 years and I am trying to become a drugs councilor to help people from maken the same mistakes i did. My advice to anyone would be not to try any drug, you'll always say to yourself these bad stories will never happen to me, but trust me it can happen very easily iv seen to many life's wreck because of drugs.

Tags: Ecstasy / MDMA experiences effects SIDE EFFECTS
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