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Drugs and debt

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07th Apr 2012

my son smokes cannabis and started to use cocaine.he was a lovely lad beore the drugs took over he would give you his last and do with out himself.then the drug dealers took over started giving him drugs on tick then the threats came wanting there son took all my savings promising me this was the last he like a fool believed him but the debt never went away it just got bigger and bigger.he promised me the world but now i look back and he made all the promises knowing i would give him the money.drug users are not all bad people just gone down the wrong advice to any one reading this is do not give them any money i know it is hard but the problem doesnt go away just gets bigger and the end of the day i am the one now left in debt and he is still using. i am working 40hrs aweek threw my own stupideti because i believed every word that came out of his mouth.i will always be here for my son and when he is ready to kick the habit i will back him 100% but i can not afford to pay these drug dealers anymore.

Tags: Cocaine experiences worried about someone SIDE EFFECTS mixing drugs
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