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Crystal Meth Is Ruining My Boyfriend :(

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10th Nov 2011

A few weeks ago I noticed a massive change in the way my boyfriend looked. He's always presentable and always looks after his skin and the way he looks, but recently he had started to lose touch with his cleanliness which wasn't like him at all. I found a roll of tin foil in our kitchen and threw it away because I don't like to use it, then in total I found 4, one after the other after I had kept throwing them away! I knew then that something was going on. I asked him if he was taking any drugs and of course he said no - and I didn't believe him - as much as I wanted to. After a few days he finally admitted to me that he had taken crystal meth and that he wasn't going to do it again. I didn't believe him for a second because if had only done it once, I wouldn't have found 4 rolls of foil! So I asked him if he had any in the house and eventually he said yes. I sat there in our lovely home and watched him smoke the crystal meth right in front of my eyes! It made me feel sick it was absolutely disgusting! I wanted to leave the house and just leave him behind and forget our lives together. But I didn’t care leave him because I didn’t want him to get more upset and go and get even more drugs. So I stayed with him and made him promise me that he would never do it again. I found out that he started using the drug almost every day. I went through his phone and found all of the texts – so that way he had no argument against me! I had proof he was taking this drug and there was no way I would believe what he had said. I have secretly managed to find out the name, address and telephone number of the scumbag who was dealing crystal meth to my boyfriend and smoking it with him too, and handed the information to the police. They are currently investigating his phone and are going to do everything they can to lock him up and put him where he belongs! My boyfriend admitted to taking crystal meth, which is a great starting point, I’ve shown him photo’s of how he will look if he continues to use it. I’ve bribed him with treats if he makes me proud and stops being a user of this disgusting drug! I have a nurse that goes to see him every day which makes him feel more secure. I am doing everything I can to get this man locked up to stop him doing what he did to my boyfriend, to anyone else! The moral of my story is, if your partner has a problem with drugs, and you really do love them, DON’T leave them. This will make everything seem worse for them and make them want to use even more. My boyfriend has been clean for 2 days now! I know many of you think that sounds like not a lot, but it’s a start of a new life for him and me. We get married soon too and it’s going to be the happiest days of our lives! And I’ve done this, I’ve made him realise what he can be without this drug, or any other drug! And I am so proud of him! I just wanted to share that with you all.

Tags: Crystal Meth experiences Addiction
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