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Coke messed me up

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12th Oct 2011

Until recently I’ve started going to more parties with my friends and stealing fags off my parents. Whenever I go to a party I always smoke, drink or do drugs. I just have to. I went to this party a few days ago I smoked 12 cigarettes, 3 spliffs and took cocaine. A few days before that I went on your website, FRANK and looked at the cocaine basement, I said to myself I would never take cocaine after what I saw what It could do to your heart.

The cocaine affected me for about 3 days, making me sniff all the time, like when you have a cold. If I was in a happy mood I was desperate to stay like that, I avoided everything that would make me unhappy. At school and at home I couldn’t eat anything and I got dehydrated, but when I drank water I became really sick. This effect wore of in a couple of days but the sudden mood changes are still happening and my eyes are really weird the pupils of my eyes are particularly small.

I don’t think I will ever take coke again, its messed me up, and I don’t advise anyone else to do it, because the first time could be your last.

Tags: Cocaine SIDE EFFECTS
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