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Black Mamba has changed my life

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04th Apr 2012

im 16 and am a regular drug user of Cannibis and MDMA but the most strange drug i use frequently is Black Mamba. I remember when i first ha dot in Camden, i had literally 5 drags and i was high as anything. The river was blurry and i felt like i was floating. After about half a spliff shared my friend i was complety destroyed, time was moving so quickly and i had extremly good concentration on everything but i loved it. Luckily because i only do other drugs like MD at raves i do not think that has mentally affected me but despite my love for Mamba i know i has affected my college work. I know its higjly addictive and its annoying because its so cheap. The hallucinations it can cause if you have enough are bizarre and me and my friends love it but i wouldnt reccomend having as much as i do as now i just crave it and trek every week from my house in South London to North London to Camden which is the only place i know where to get it. This drug will get you more high than cannibis ever could and it hits you straight away. its such fun to have but just dont get addicted to it like me and my friends have because it is just mentally affecting me.

Tags: black mamba experiences Addiction effects SIDE EFFECTS
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