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Black Mamba - The Good, The Bad, but overall, very ugly.

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17th Mar 2012

As someone who has smoked weed a good few times, (been to Amsterdam, tried pretty much everything) I thought nothing of it when a friend of mine pulled out a bag of a legal high he had bought; 'Black Mamba.' As an unknowing novice, we rolled up a spliff and gave the joint a good few tokes each. After the second puff it hit me, getting the elevator up to his flat honestly felt like an absolute life age, upon laying down on the bed my vision went and I managed to convince myself I saw things I never thought I could see, almost being in a 'K-Hole', I felt completely detached from my body. As time went on I had no concept of time or space, only drinking water (thanks to my friend who realized something was up) brought back my vision. As my sight returned the world felt slanted, bringing on violent vomiting for what felt like hours, only to turn to the clock at the end of the trip to realise that only about 40 minutes had passed. It gave me a violent hallucinations, I could hear clearly but could not see, continued vomiting gave me the feeling like my chest was about to explode and that I was coughing up my insides. Eventually the feelings subsided, however I was still cautious and had to lay down for an hour to try to clear my head. At the end of it all I realised that it was possibly the worst drug experience of my life and can say I will never touch the stuff again, insane that the government can deem this stuff legal.

Tags: black mamba experiences SIDE EFFECTS
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