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Bad trip on LSD

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25th Oct 2011

I have taken acid lots of times, but a few months back me and some of my mates tried taking a few more tabs than usual.  This didnt turn out that good.  I was in a flat mood so i thought that it wouldn't have done anything really, i wasnt happy or i wasnt low.. I took 7 drops of acid and 50 minutes later I just blanked, my world just went white. I felt like my friends just disappeared but i could still hear their disorientated voices calling my name but I was looking around just like it was in a horror movie.  I collapsed and was looking around the floor and i seen shadows coming towards me.  I was screaming and crying for help, but when my friends came back into sight they were just staring at me in a "What are you doing?" sort of way. My hallucinations were too much to handle so i just blacked out, i woke up later on rolling in my own sick, and my friends were still high so they were tripping. I really couldn't cope with this high.

I will never take LSD or Magic mushrooms ever again. 

 I DON'T RECOMMEND.  DO NOT EXPERIMENT.  It will be the worst decision of your life.

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