23rd July 2013. It’s been in the headlines but what is PMA and how might it affect you?

PMA is similar to MDMA (the chemical in ecstasy). It can make you feel alert, alive and full of energy. Its similarity means that PMA is actually sometimes sold as ecstasy. However, PMA is much stronger, and like MDMA, can cause a fatal rise in body temperature.

In recent years there have been a number of deaths and hospitalisations that have been linked to PMA and/or PMMA. It appears that those affected thought they were taking ecstasy pills containing MDMA and did not know that the pills contained PMA and/or PMMA. As with any drug  you can never be sure what it is your buying and how it might affect you.

As PMA is often sold as ecstasy pills rather than sold by its own name, a lot of the street names associated with PMA are actually street names for ecstasy pills.  Sometimes  PMA and/or PMMA containing pills even look like regular ecstasy pills.

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FRANK News published: July 23rd 2013