FRANK launches a new campaign so you know who you can talk to if you want advice.

The ads feature a group of butchers at a party, a gymnast whose stunt goes wrong and a rapping newsagent.  All highlight that it's easy to be confused about drugs but that FRANK can help answer any questions you might have.

Watch out for them on 4music channel in the evenings and website like Youtube, MTV, Spotify and catch up TV sites like 4OD.

You can also view the ads here please let us know what you think of them by emailing FRANK.

if you or your friends are confused about drugs, look at the website for more informaton or advice or chat to FRANK either by calling 0300 123 6600, sending an email or by text on 82111.  Your question is completely confidential.

Remember that you can also chat to FRANK confidentially on this site between 2-6pm every day using the new Live Chat service.