28th October 2013: If you’ve heard about these drugs and want to know more, read on to see what FRANK says. 

‘Speckled Red’ or ‘Brown Cherries’ are some of the names for tablets which have been linked to recent deaths in Hungary. When some of the tablets were tested they contained 'para-methyl derivative of 4-methylaminorex'. It’s a bit of a tongue-twister but essentially this substance is thought to be a stimulant, like speed. Stimulants put pressure on the heart and can affect your mind.

A similar drug was withdrawn because of worries that its use led to life-threatening changes on blood pressure.

What’s in a name?
'Para-methyl derivative of 4-methylaminorex' is not really a catchy name so the drug is more likely to be sold under other names. It might be called ‘Speckled Red’ or ‘Brown Cherries’ but these names are just made-up by people who sell drugs. Sometimes, 'para-methyl derivative of 4-methylaminorex' may be found in tablets known by a different brand name.

The names ‘Speckled Red’ and ‘Brown Cherries' seem to have been used because at least some of those particular tablets were red/brown or red/grey in colour and had a cherry logo stamped on them. The tablets linked to the deaths were pink and green and heart shaped, or were described as ‘playboy-shaped' pills.

FRANK’s advice is to remember that you can never be sure what’s in any tablet or powder... whatever its name or whatever it looks like. You can also never be sure how you might react.

If you’re worried about this derivative of 4-methylaminorex or want more information then FRANK is available to chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 0300 123 6600.

FRANK News Published: 28thOctober 2013