24th January 2014: FRANK investigates the drug hitting the headlines.

You may have heard of a drug called ecstasy in the news recently. But what it is and what affect can it have on your body?

What is ecstasy?
Ecstasy (also known by its chemical name,  MDMA) is a drug which can make you feel you energised, happy and awake. Clubbers have been known to use it so they can dance for hours.

What’s the problem?
Ecstasy affects how your body controls temperature and this can you mean you become overheated and dehydrated. In some cases, people have died from taking ecstasy.

A big problem with ecstasy is that it’s rarely pure. You can’t be sure what’s in it and sometimes, there is no MDMA at all.

As with any drug you can’t be sure how you’ll react and this can be a bit of a lottery.

What should I do if I’m offered ecstasy?
Take the time now to consider what you think about ecstasy or any other drug for that matter. Knowing where you stand on drugs makes it easier to stay true to yourself.

Most young people decide not to take drugs and if you’re one of them, simply say ‘no thanks’ clearly and firmly and don’t make a big deal about it. True friends will respect your decision not to take drugs.

You can find more guidance on what to do if you’re offered drugs on the website. Alternatively you can speak to a FRANK advisor 24 hours a day on 0300 123 6600 or between 2-6pm using our Live Chat service on the website.

FRANK News Published: 24th January 2014