Avoid making a ‘Fresher’s Fool’ of yourself with FRANKS 10 top tips for making your fresher’s week one to remember.

1.Eat! Make sure you stock up on the carbs before going on a big night out. Maybe offer to cook up a big batch of pasta for your new housemates and get to know each other.

2.Be yourself. Changing your opinions or what you wear to fit in with people is exhausting. Don’t be a copy-cat, be yourself and you’ll find friends who respect you for who you are

3.Stick to your guns. Don’t feel under pressure to take drugs if you don’t want to. Say ‘No’ firmly but clearly and without making a big deal about it. True friends will accept who you are whatever your response.

4.Student Discount! You might feel like Jordan Belfort when you open your banking app and realise you've just been granted the first instalment of your student loan, but it will quickly deteriorate as you go out enjoying yourself. Remember, the majority of high-street chains offer discounts if you flash your student car (just remember to smile in the photo!)

5.Leave the mixing to the DJ’s. Be careful about mixing any drugs, including alcohol as this can substantially increase risk of side-effects. If you do take drugs, try to make sure you are with friends and tell them exactly what you have taken in case you run into difficulties, including whether you are mixing your drugs.

6.Legal doesn’t mean Safe. Be wary of so-called ‘legal highs’, just because a substance is legal, it doesn’t mean it is safe. Legal highs contain a range of potentially dangerous chemicals and their makeup changes all the time - so you can never be certain what you have bought, and what the effects might be.

7.First impressions count. Drinking too much can impair your judgement and leave you feeling like you can dance like Diversity (when it actually looks like your dad). Try to have a glass of water between alcoholic drinks.

8.Pace yourself. You have years at uni to enjoy the nightlife, don’t burnout too early. Enjoy a night in watching trash TV without your parents around to tell you off.  

9. Hide an emergency tenner. Make sure you know how you’re getting home after a night out – check out the university night buses on offer, or save the all-important “emergency tenner” to pay for a taxi should you need it.  

10. Avoid the hairy dog! Hangover cures like the ‘hair of the dog’ (drinking more alcohol in the morning) are generally a myth. There are no cures for a hangover. There are only tips for avoiding hangovers and for easing the symptoms if you have one. If you have a big night out, try to drink a pint of water before bed and take a glass of water with you and sip it through the night. Pain killers like paracetamol can ease a headache in the morning.

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Published: September 2014