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Why do people take drugs?

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05th Apr 2013

Different people take drugs for different reasons. Some people want to experiment and are curious about what drugs are like, whilst others use drugs to escape social or personal issues. Some people try drugs because their friends are and they don’t want to be left out.

When some people take drugs they might experience a short-lived period of feeling happier, more energetic, more relaxed, more empathetic (in tune with others), or of unusual altered perceptions. It can be very tempting to try and re-live these experiences and this might lead people to continue to take drugs.

However, drugs can also cause a whole range of immediate health problems, ranging from unpleasant ones such as feeling “poorly”, anxious, paranoid, or sedated or even leave you  unconscious and at risk of death from a drug overdose.

Longer-term, becoming dependent or addicted is a major risk of many drugs. And regular use of drugs can also lead to a host of longer-term health problems that affect different organs. The FRANK A to Z section has detailed information on the effects and risks of a whole range of drugs.

If you feel under pressure to take drugs you may find FRANK’s tips useful

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