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What is the worst drug?

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27th Jan 2014

All drugs are potentially dangerous and have varying effects on individuals, so it is not possible to name the worst drug. For more information on the effects and risks of various drugs go to the A-Z of drugs.

  • Some drugs are more addictive than others, for example crack cocaine, heroin and tobacco
  • Some are likely to cause dangerous effects immediately. For example, as hyperthermia seen with ecstasy use or heart attacks with crack use
  • Some can lead to specific long term physical damage, for example crystal meth, ketamine and alcohol
  • Some drugs can have a stronger psychological or psychiatric impact and might, for example, trigger the onset of a pre-existing mental conditions. For example, khat, amphetamine and cannabis are known to have these effects

However, there's no way of you knowing beforehand the harmful effects to which you may be particularly sensitive.

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