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02nd Nov 2011

I have tried many drugs but have never become addicted to anything, to be honest, I get slightly fed up of the "high" after a while! I had some pure MDMA /ecstasy pills a while ago, it was My first time trying it pure, I felt like i was in "nirvana" or "utopia" I literally was in heaven, once the effects started to slow down, I still felt good, but I started to sweat heavily, got hot and cold sensasions, couldnt sleep, everything made me feel sick, even the thought of picking up my mobile made me want to vomit! (curious!) the worst part was when I could not urinate for love nor money! (It's essential you urinate when high on MDMA)  I was literally bursting and it took 8 hours to finally be relieved, I became quite worried after a few hours! I decided to do it again quite recently and the same things happened, (i forgot how draining it was), even though it was the most incredable experience,

I seriously wouldn't say it was worth all that discomfort and annoyance, throughout all the nonsense it caused, I actually still felt quite relaxed and empathetic for the following day and experienced no "crash" in the sense of mood or depression. I was in bed swiftly the next night and was fine in the morning. So, as great a time I had, it just wasn't worth all the after effects, so save yourself the hassle and skip this one!  If you are going to do it though, remember to stay safe and read up about everything about the drug you are going to take, including the "staying safe" guidlines this website provides for each substance, following the guidelines can truly save your life! I would never encourage someone else to take illicit drugs, however many people will come on this website prior to consumption to research a substance the are going to take, so I think it's essential that stories like this one, (from experienced people) are put on this site to give people a genuine insight into what to expect!

Tags: Ecstasy / MDMA experiences
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